CCTV or Video surveillance systems are trending more. Of course it protects from theft and crime. Public video surveillance is like a boon and also a bane.  Some  cheaper cameras also arriving in the society. The public video surveillance has many valuable good things and also some drawbacks.  As “good and bad are the two sides of a coin”, its one of such.  Video surveillance can be used as a tool of blackmail.  Public video surveillance have the limited benefits. They decreased the number of crimes.
   These cameras record everything happens in the public.  Its not only identifying the thief but also notices every action of the people in the public.  It spoils the privacy of the common people. The footages may used for the unknown purposes. The government surveillance is harmful at times in particular things. Because, it can chill the works of our civil liberties.Our society has to understand why its harmful. The public video surveillance records each and every action like reading, talking about any political issues, social issues, thinking etc. It will become a big issue.  This is so dangerous and stop the society to think even more.
  There are many varieties of harmful elements that are discrimination, prosecution for the wrong doers to the purpose of the surveillance. At first, we have to observe that surveillance exceeds with the public and private division. We have to admit that the secret surveillance is prohibited. Then we should perceive that the surveillance is illegitimate.
   Internet with a government surveillance leads to the abuses. Before authorizing the public surveillance, it has to be studied thoroughly to maintain a meaningful process.  These type of threatening our intellectual privacy are caused by the public video surveillance.  We must be careful in scanning of these products which abuse in so many ways.
  CCTV surveillance systems can be misused imminently. There are ways to abuse with the surveillance camera. It can be criminally misused the public with the spy camera. In Government institutions, also the abuses are happening. Some agents tend to the abusive activities through the surveillance camera. Political parties indulge in the illegal operations to spy the opponent parties.
   Abusing for the personal purposes also, the surveillance tools created. In this case, women suffer more comparing to men. Discrimination abuses are happening via public surveillance video. If you think of installing a CCTV, the best choice is Master Safety. Feel more secure by installing a CCTV camera in Theni
  To solve this issue, we must consider what are the controls in a CCTV to overcome these abuses and illegal acts.  There must be a limit to prevent these kinds of abuse. In recent times, CCTV has reached with its advanced technologies. We do not let it be a monster of dangerous things.
   CCTV systems need to establish with the rules. Master safety, Theni distributes the cameras with a good quality. There must be terms and conditions  like in which conditions to record and how long to keep the footages are followed by. The criminals and violaters must be severely punished. In violence, there is no small one and the big one. There are CCTV dealers in Theni who teaches how systematically its been used.
To be safer in our society, we have to keep CCTV security cameras. You can also check the link below to understand for what purposes cctv is being used in order to save us

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