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‘CCTV’ is a “A Closed-Circuit Television” camera.  Nowadays, it became a necessity and ideal for indoor surveillance. The people who want safety and peace of mind even when they are not at home must install it. CCTV will record the whole happening. Its also known as Video Surveillance.  Master safety, Theni provides you the best recording surveillance system which run through the top benefits.
  CCTV camera in Theni shields you from theft and any illegal activities. There are plenty of benefits you can have. CCTV camera decreased the level of crime. Many more models of CCTV have arrived. Master safety, Theni has inquired and experimented  a lot and giving you CCTV cameras in  a top quality.  This will keep you in a relax mode in this busy scheduled life. It is so essential and effective to safeguard the properties. Business men and women should be aware of everything whats going around their industries, shops or companies. CCTV camera, in theni is the best choice. You can install the CCTV camera instantly if you contact Master safety, Theni. We provide the best quality CCTV camera at your doorsteps and illustrate how CCTV systems are used. CCTV distributors in Theni are so talented and innovative in their work. They fix every problems on CCTV on time. They are one of the reasons for the development of ”Master Safety’ .
Types of CCTV camera
     1. Dome CCTV camera
               They are called Dome CCTV as it dome shaped. Its the best type because it rotates 360 degree. It can cover the wide range and all the angles.Its hard to find which direction the camera is focusing. It gives tough fight to the thief as it approaches in every direction.  Dome CCTV cameras are so helpful for the indoor and outdoor uses. The actual range of Dome CCTV camera is about 0-70 feet according to the resolution, sensor and lens it has. There are professional cameras in a high resolution PTZs. It can capture further away.
       Bullet CCTV cameras have an iconic design which are in cylindrical shape. They are highly visible and have the capacity to capture long distances. So they are placed for outdoors.  Its so good that bullet CCTV cameras are resistant to water, dirt and dust. So, it can focus even when its raining.
    These are used in farming, manufacturing industries etc.  Bullet CCTV camera have the larger lens than dome cameras. And so it captures in longer range.
C-Mount CCTV cameras
    They have the detachable lens and bulky appearance which will be switched to monitor  long distances. Its highly visible.They can be visible as Bullet cameras.  We can extend the range of the C-Mount CCTV camera beyond 40 feet when we fit the special lens. It is also weatherproof and the manufacturing industries can afford this.
PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) cameras
    It is so beneficial for safekeeping since its 360 degree protection.  This monitors at its best in remote condition. The camera lens can pan right and left, tilt up and down, zoom in & out when we touch a button. The high resolution sensor provides (1920×1080) 2megapixel. It can zoom from 6to 222mm. This camera is super safety for business premises.
Day/Night CCTV cameras
   This is so unique in making extra sensitive images. These are the cameras which records both in the night/day time. It changes the light conditions and record clearly even the light is low. It can be used for outside surveillance. This cameras are suggested for the business premises and outdoor environment because of the focus in the night time security.
Infrared / Night vision CCTV
     They are designed to monitor optimistically it the black conditions through using infrared technology. These are more expensive. Infrared LED permits to record clear pictures even in the dark circumstances, fog, smoke and dust. This can be used in manufacturing industries, banks, farms etc.
Network/IP CCTV
    These cameras shoot the live footages over the internet  NVRs save archive footage. So it can be accessible easily. NVR is Network Video Recorders. The footages can be viewed from anywhere in the world through internet.Maintenance is low. Network/IP CCTV camera is the ideal option for the owners who have their business outside. The footages can be viewed anytime and anywhere over mobile phone, personal computer or laptop.
Wireless CCTV camera
   Wireless CCTV camera are the minimised version. They save the installation time being wireless function. It can be viewed anytime anywhere with internet. This cameras are placed on religious areas like temples, churches and museums etc.Easy to handle and secure.Maintenance is needed. It can be used in industries.
 High Definition (HD) CCTV camera
    As in the name, it offers high quality pictures.Its highly safe from theft. Easy to identify the crime events. Mostly these cameras placed on casinos, bank and some business factories.
  Master safety, Theni distributes all these types of CCTV camera when you require. It is high in quality
CCTV is a must needed element for office. Check the link to know more about " CCTV security system important for your office".

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