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Master Safety scales and Security

Safety can no more be a concern when the internationally renowned Daksh CCTV believes in us as their official dealer in Theni, Tamil Nadu. A company dedicated to provide the best in style safety with Daksh CCTV camera, TV screens, Biometric devices and electronic weighing devices. All designed with precision, perfection and it’s bold with performance.

Master Safety and scales one of the renowned security system manufacturers in Theni has set the ball of customer satisfaction and loyalty as our prima facie. Trust in us as you trust your instinct and our intuition of your satisfaction is guaranteed to be met.

About Us

Started in the year 2010 Master Safety Security and scales has grown to be the best and the only security system manufacturers of Theni in Tamil Nadu. Our expertise and commitment made us to be the official dealer of international CCTV manufacturing giant Daksh CCTV. Master Safety Security and scales has established itself in the best in class manufacturing of CCTV cameras, TV screens, Biometric devices, and electronic weighing scales upto 500 Kgs.

The recent Lok sabha elections in Tamil Nadu, Vellammal schools, Aavin plants, etc have all been secured with the security systems of ours and we needn’t say how good we are.

We have committed ourselves to your safety needs, loyalty, satisfaction. Our primary effort is to build you the safety measures at the best price and the best quality and service.

High Security Services

  • Home Security Cameras
  • Office Security Cameras
  • Electronic Security
  • School Security Cameras
  • Industrial Security Cameras
  • Bio-metric Installation

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MD Desk

Mr. N. Muthu Senthil Kumar

N. Muthu Senthil Kumar a graduate in MBA and a man of vision started this mission of safety first in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in the year 2010 with Master Safety and Security through which he established the brand Daksh CCTV which has now become a brand that is trusted world wide.
His vision to bring a revolution in electronics and to give safety through technology to people with most durable and trusted equipment which he succeeded with his brand Daksh and 20 years of experience in corporate and sales. A man not only an innovator but also a social active member in Lion's Club (Theni), BNI and Building Association of India (EC).
A humble, trusted, durable and economic startup and now into a world renowned CCTV brand with more than 5000 installations in the biggest firms and institutions of Tamil Nadu and socially concerned attitude of the founder and the company gained the momentum.